Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video - Annual Exams for your Pets

Courtesy of Life's Abundance Newsletter for April 2014

Preventative care for our companion animals means more than just vaccinations.

Dr. Sarah goes over veterinarian annual exams and the detail it can include.
There are also semi-annual exams depending on the age of your animal.

Some of the points in this video that you and your veterinarian will discuss: -

- Does vaccination have to be given every year? -
- Has anything changed with your god and or cat? Eating, drinking, mobility, going to the bathroom etc.

The exam itself includes - Tip of the nose to tail exam!

So much goes into the exam to determine if anything might be going on.

Early detection of something now could be better than dealing with it when the issue has caused pain or problems later.

This video is amazing to see what an
exam covers on your animal!

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