Friday, April 26, 2013

VIDEO: Parvo by Dr. Sarah

 "Courtesy of Life's Abundance"
Dr. Sarah of Life's Abundance goes over Parvo: a serious virus in canines If you haven't heard of it, please watch below for some signs, about the disease, where it attacks and more

This video is from the Life's Abundance April 2013 Newsletter. Click below to read the rest of the newsletter an article about "New Research on Spaying and Neutering"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life's Abundance Dog Food Recall (Never)

Life's Abundance logo

Life's Abundance dog food and cat food and products HAVE NEVER BEEN RECALLED.

In business since 1999, the products have never been a part of a recall .

Another recent recall in the last few weeks with dog food and cat food due to salmonella.

Please watch Dr. Sarah below in the video Safety is a Primary Objective to learn more about
the care that goes into the products and safety.

For more information and videos about the products and company, click here