Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who should Fur Sit your Cat and Dog

"Courtesy of Life's Abundance"

Dr. Sarah's video: What to do when traveling without your pets:

Some options are:
Pet sitter, friend, boarding, Vet, Kennel.

In this video she discusses:
Introduce pet sitter before they come for the travel time
Keep a list of emergency contact numbers especially the vet
Make sure to go over the list of daily routine for your pet

If you are boarding make sure to bring a piece of your clothing
Bring your dog’s food
Bring only one toy
If you have more than one dog, ask if they can be board together or next to each other

Other options include spas, some veterinary practices.

If your option is a boarding facility go to the place announced and announced and pay close attention to cleanliness, the other animals

MORE in the video!

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