Friday, May 27, 2011

TIPS for New Pet Parents

Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

We appreciate Dr. Jane and Dr. Sarah as they share their knowledge to help us become the best pet parents we can.

From the Life's Abundance May Newsletter:

Are you a new pet parent? Are you thinking about adopting a new dog or cat?

In this awesome video Dr. Sarah goes over SO MANY tips for new pet parents and things to consider even before you adopt: "Courtesy of Life's Abundance"

Some points:
Use your heart AND your head when you see that cute puppy/kitten
Do you have children? Is the pet age appropriate?
Do you have the financial means?
Do you believe in spay/neuter?
Are you sure how you should train your pet?
Vaccinations – the debate continues. SOME are necessary and some do save lives
(Dr. Sarah discusses core vaccinations!)
Did you know Titer tests the immunity to the disease?
Re-active or Pro-active to your pets’ health?
and so much more

and of course I recommend to start you baby with Lifes Abundance dog food

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