Monday, November 22, 2010

Puppies and Cold Winter Weather


We know the holidays are a time when many people decide to bring a puppy into the family.
Dr. Sarah gives wonderful tips in the video below about your new puppy and the cold weather!

"Courtesy of Life's Abundance"

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gift Baskets for Dogs and Cats are Here

Click Here - Our popular gift baskets for dogs and cats are here!

For our Canines this Holiday basket contains:
An entertaining toy! Plus, an assortment of our most popular, healthy treats. Wholesome Hearts (low fat heart-shaped sensations), Gourmet Dental Treats (honey peanut butter recipe), Anti-oxidant Health Bars (oatmeal and apple recipe), a bag of Tasty Rewards (savory jerky treats) and a Porky Puff (hickory-smoked chew). All nestled in a lovely reusable basket. (Toy may vary.)
ONLY $17.95 Retail Value $30.00!  LIMITED QUANTITY

For our Felines, this Holiday basket contains: A delightful variety of playful toys; the toys include whimsical and catnip-filled play things just waiting to be swiped and chased. For the proud cat parent, we included an adorable cat photo frame so you can proudly display your lovable furry feline's photo. Also included is a bag of Life’s Abundance Gourmet Cat Treats For Healthy Skin & Coat. The toys and treats are nestled in a lovely reusable basket. (Toys & Frame may vary.)
ONLY $12.95  Retail Value $21.00!  LIMITED QUANTITY