Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Pets' Skin and Coat

This video is chock full of information;
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Pet’s skin and coat problems are the #1 reason pet parents bring their babies to their vet.

Dry skin, infected ears, shedding, allergies are some of these issues.
Poor skin health can be attributed to lack of nutrients like fatty acids, protein and more.
Skin is a huge organ and needs nutrients.

Not all foods are created equal and poor nutrients will be seen first in the coat

There are medical issues that can make skin and coat issues a problem (video)

Allergies are a big culprit that can lead to paw licking, scratching, rubbing the face and more that make your pet miserable that can lead to infections.

What can you do as the pet owner?
Build healthy skin from the inside out.
A healthy nutrient diet can affect the skin.

Avoid corn and wheat (major cause of allergies in companion animals)

More in this video:
What to look for in a supplement. What about fleas? Which shampoo?

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