Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog Exercise Ideas in Winter

Yes for most of us it is winter which means cold. For those of us that don’t like this weather our idea of spending outside is less than desirable. This though can spill over to our canines who don’t get to go outside and exercise like in spring and summer

From the Trilogy/HealthyPetNet Blog Update:
“For optimum mental and physical health, many veterinarians recommend that dogs receive 45 minutes to an hour of daily, consistent exercise and enrichment, broken up into shorter intervals.”

“Even if we want the best for our canine companions, winter presents challenges that make it difficult to keep up a regular exercise routine for our dogs. If you are wondering how to keep your dog active, watch this video. In it, Dr. Sarah gives tips and advice from venturing outside to transforming your indoor space into a canine activity center.”

Dogs have the same energy in the summer as they do in the winter.

So what to do with all that pent up energy? Here are some awesome tips from Dr. Sarah:

Short periods of outdoor activity is great fun (weather permitting).
Remember a dog’s temperature can drop quickly when they stop exercising.
Try to keep your dog dry to lower risk of hypothermia.
Snow can cover the smells a dog uses to navigate so it is wise to keep your canine on a leash so he or she doesn’t lose his way. No leash mean your dog can chase an animal she or he may see. Many times if there is frozen pond, it can pose a dangerous situation to your dog.
Winter means darker earlier so try a reflective collar or one that blinks.
Ice, salt and sand can lead to irritated paws so wash your baby’s paws with warm water when he or she comes inside.
Try to train your dog to wear canine boots (start off with baby socks)

If outdoor fun is not an option – try indoor fun.
Clear a space and try a racing game!
Do you have an indoor track near you that will allow dogs?
If you are living in a small space – try bubbles. Dogs love to chase bubbles. Make sure to get the pet safe version).
Another great idea is find it! Get a favorite toy or treat and put it in plain sight and tell them to find it. Once they learn the game, you can make it progressively more difficult

Please watch the video for all the details!  This video will sure you give you ideas to help your cabin fever and your dog's pent up energy
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