Friday, January 15, 2010

Overweight or Fat Dog, Is Mine?

If you have started your own New Year Resolution, why not include your canine(s). A buddy system seems to work better than by yourself anyway.

In America it seems obesity is a big problem. It is for dogs as well.

Dr. Sarah, HealthyPetNet: "When dogs carry too much weight they place an extra strain on all their organs, and they can be at an increased risk for diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and pancreatitis. Unsurprisingly, excess weight gain can interfere with a pet's quality of life and actually shorten their life span."

"Fortunately, dogs respond very well to simple weight-loss programs. By increasing your pet's exercise and reducing the amount of calories he or she eats, you can help reduce your pet’s weight and the risk of health problems associated with obesity."

Is my Dog Fat or overweight? How do I deal with it if he or she is?

In this short video, Dr. Sarah shows you how to learn if your dog is carrying too much weight, and gives advice on how to help your dog shed unwanted pounds.
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